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      2. 產品中心Product
        聯系我們Contact Us
        聯系我們Contact Us
        杭州吉沃科技有限公司Hangzhou Geevo Technology Co., Ltd.
        地址: Add: 浙江省杭州市余杭經濟技術開發區五洲路18號No.18 Wuzhou Road, Yuhang Economic & Technical Development Area, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
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        Other Devices
        Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer



        型號:SV-06, SV-08





        1. 安全性: 全不銹鋼外殼,易于清潔維護



        2. 獨特機頭設計: 保證分布均勻性

               SV-08: 360度可旋轉機頭,噴嘴角度60度可調整。

               SV-06: 可選配旋轉平臺,實現近360度方位噴霧。
        3. 快速:殺菌周期快,性價比高。
        4. 有效:雙氧水具有優異的材料相容性(器件、電子元器件、建筑材料),更容易做驗證。
        5. 用途廣泛:具有廣譜殺菌作用,適用于真菌、細菌、病毒和孢子的殺菌。

        1. 電源:AC 220V/50Hz
        2. 注射速率:0-18ml/min.(SV-06), 0-20ml/min.(SV-08)
        3. 裝藥瓶:1L帶刻度半透明PP瓶
        4. 殺菌劑:7.5%過氧化氫溶液(非易制爆品)
        5. 殺滅率:對嗜熱脂肪芽孢桿菌可達6個對數的殺滅



        Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer,  Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging system

        Type: SV-06, SV-08

        Design for room sterilization. 

        SV series Hydrogen peroxide sterilizer applies low concentration hydrogen peroxide fogging combined with high frequency and high pressure ionizarion technology to carry on room sterilization. Hydrogen peroxide produces free OH- during the process, which causes oxidative damage to cell components, thus achieving the purpose of eliminating bacteria.
        This instrument specially designed for sterilization in enclosed spaces such as hospital,  isolation room and clean rooms.
        There is also coming new types for isolator, transfer cabinet, blending machine,small clean room, split butterfly valve, etc. It can be used to conduct online sterilization of RABS on filling line as well.

        1. Security: SS body material, easy to clean and maintenance. 
                           Under the room temperature and atmospheric pressure, non-toxic, no residue.
                           Delay start up function.
        2. Unique spray design: guarantee gas uniform distribution.
            SV-08: the head can be rotated at 360degree, and the nozzle angle can be adjusted at 60 degree.  
            SV-06: can be matched with a rotating platform to achieve all-round spray.
        3. Fast: Fast sterilization cycle, cost-effective.
        4. Effective: Hydrogen peroxide has excellent material compatibility (device, electronic components and building materials), much easier to do verification.
        5. Wide use: broad-spectrum bactericidal effect, it is applicable to sterilize fungi, bacteria, viruses and spores.

        Technical parameter
        1. Power supply: AC 220V/50Hz
        2. Injection rate :0-18ml/min. (SV-06)/0-20ml/min.(SV-08)
        3. Loading bottle: 1L,translucency pp bottle with scale line
        4. Sterilizing agent: 7.5% hydrogen peroxide solution (non-explosive)
        5. Killing rate: the ability to kill stearothermophilus spores reaches 6-Log

        Biological Safety Lab
        Hospital ward and ICU
        Hospital Bacteria Control
        Clean rooms, CDC, School, etc.


        ※ "Notice of the general office of the national health commission on the issuance of guidelines for the use of disinfectants" issued on February 19th, 2020.
        ※ Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic China "Notice on tax policy in support of prevention and control of pneumonia by novel coronavirus" list of key supplies for epidemic prevention and control (medical emergency) (Ministry of finance taxation administration announcement 2020 no. 8) 

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